Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last minute Boone, NC event

I'm sitting in the lobby of Duke's Bryan Student Center in Durham. So far, everything's great at the EqualityNC Conference.

Last night sometime, a Boone Prop. 8 event was planned details below:

Boone, NC
Watauga County Public Library: 140 Queen Street
We convene at 1 pm; we begin our march toward King Street and Rivers Street at 1:30 pm.
Jill Ehnenn,; Elizabeth West,


Also, a big THANK YOU to Porscha and Lin and Out in Asheville, as well as Bambi at for coming together to do this joint blog. I'm hoping the coverage here this evening and through tomorrow morning will help to bring everything together. Thanks y'all. ~Matt Comer

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Porscha Yount said...

Thanks to you, Matt, for getting this all going - it wouldn't be happening without you - and it's nice to see some coalition-building in a community that seems to always be fighting with itself... Today seems like it could be the beginning.